Scottie Dog Mail

This pattern is inspired by the National Trust property Killerton house, a beautiful Georgian property set in the Devonshire countryside. Charles Dyke Acland took over the estate in 1898. In 1926 Francis  Acland grandson of Charles Dyke Acland inherited the house and estate, and lived there with his wife Eleanor and their children Arthur, Cuthbert and Ellen.
The house today is presented as a family home and visitors feel, as I did too that the informal atmosphere of the house makes it still feel as if the Acland family still live there. As you walk round the house and the estate, now maintained by the National Trust, it still feels like a home, where fun and laughter took place, warm days were spent in good company, records were played and memories were made. The comment made by the General Manager really sparked my imagination when he stated that the house should really still 'smell faintly of dog'.  There is also a photograph of a summer house party at the house and sat upon a guests knee is a delightful little white terrier on whom I based this collection on. The house was always busy with either social parties or political meetings, I imagined that there would be lots of letter writing and correspondence involved in the organising of such events, hence the little dog bringing the mail through to the family.
All these thoughts have inspired me to design this pattern which is a little eccentric, but designed with a sense of light heartiness and humour. I am passionate about making patterns  that link historical places and artefacts, using colour and imagery to evoke a feeling of vintage times. This pattern is called 'Scottie Dog Mail'. 
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Adult apron, 100% cotton.


Melamine coaster


Earthenware mug

Tea towel

Tea towel, 100% cotton.