Jolly Good Show

This design is inspired by the national trust property Colleton Fishacre.; as a designer I find this house inspirational, its beautiful Arts and Craft style exterior contrasting with the dramatic Art Deco interior is fabulous and one could imagine the decadent parties that took place here. The house was owned by the D'Oyly Cartes. Life at Coleton Fishacre provided many opportunities for the pursuit of  a splendid outdoor life! Lady Dorothy D'Oyly Carte spent a lot of time at the house, whilst Rupert D'Oyly Carte came down from their London home every Friday for a weekend of sailing, gardening or fishing. From the gardens of the house the family and guests could access Pudcombe Cove where once steep concrete steps were in place to access to the Cove, these zig zagged down the cliff side, the D'Oyly Cartes created a concrete tidal bathing pool and a jetty. At the end of a long hot day on the beach a ship bells would be rung near the house and the family and guests would return for pre-dinner drinks.
All these thoughts have inspired me to design this pattern which is a little eccentric, but designed with a sense of light heartiness and humour. I am passionate about making patterns  that link historical places and artefacts, using colour and imagery to evoke a feeling of vintage times. This pattern is called 'Jolly Good show'. 
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Adult apron, 100% cotton.


Cushion, size 50 x 30 cm


Earthenware mug

Tea towel

Tea towel, 100% cotton.