Killerton House, National Trust property situated in Devon

Inspiration for the design 'Dancing at the Aclands'.
"Too much of anything is bad, but too much champagne is just right" F.Scot Fitzgerald once said...
Those Acland summer parties!  But.....who were the Aclands?
Summer house parties, music drifting over the lawn, decadent drinks; cocktails such as Gin Rickey, French 75, and Bee's Knees; dancing in the music room,  the Charleston, the Lindy Hop; foxtrot your way through to the drawing room, look out over the beautiful gardens and parkland.
Killerton House situated in Devon, was the home of the Aclands and in the 1920's Killerton was a party house, at one party on the 27th July 1923, 7,000 people attended!
Sir Francis Syke Acland stated in 1923 "There's no point in having a nice place like this unless we can get it full of people".
As you walk round the house and the estate, now maintained by the National Trust, it still feels like a home, where fun and laughter took place, warm days were spent in good company, records were played and memories were made.
All these thoughts have inspired me to design the pattern collection 'Dancing at the Aclands' which is a little eccentric, but designed with a sense of light heartiness and humour. I am passionate about making patterns  that link historical places and artefacts, using colour and imagery to evoke a feeling of vintage times. 
I adore the 1920s/1930s and would have loved to have lived in this time, I wonder which era would you choose?
Live happy!
Ali xxx
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20/08/2021 22:45
Am so thrilled with all the aprons, tea towels and coasters - especially the ones you added my logo to and the banner looks so cool on my trailer!

The customer service is suberb and you always get back so promptly!

Thanks so much! Thérèse (and George!)
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